Accounting for Professional Athletes

accounting for athletes

You've worked hard to get to where you are. You've accumulated wealth that you want to protect from creditors, litigants, and the IRS. You might already have a CPA firm, but does your accountant understand the unique accounting and reporting requirements of pro athletes? Over the years Delerme CPA has worked with a number of professional athletes, so we have the knowledge and experience to deliver entertainment accounting and tax solutions that will protect your assets and minimize tax obligations.

In your line of work you don’t have time to manage your finances. When you become our client, we’ll handle it all for you as your trusted advisor. Our Atlanta, GA CPA firm offers monthly cash flow reporting and budgeting. We can also conduct licensing and royalty audits designed to uncover and collect missing payments. We will collaborate with you and your agent to develop a comprehensive tax planning strategy that will protect your assets for the benefit of your family.

Request a consultation through our website and we’ll contact you, or, call us now at 678-585-6580 to learn how we can reduce your tax burden and help you achieve your financial goals.

Accounting and tax services for professional athletes: