Tour Accounting for Musicians

tour accounting for musicians Atlanta

When you’re on the road it's essential to have someone looking out for your financial interests. Delerme CPA is the trusted financial advisor who will be watching your back so you can concentrate on making music.

In addition to traditional bookkeeping and monthly reporting, we offer the unique accounting services that only true entertainment accountants can provide including royalty tracking and licensing audits. We carefully examine copyright and licensing agreements against royalty accountings to identify discrepancies, uncover missing payments, and ensure you’re being properly compensated by your music company. If necessary, we will collaborate with your professional staff, including attorneys, to collect unpaid royalty fees.

Our CPA firm loves music and our music industry clients. We focus on developing a strong, personal relationship with each one of our clients and providing proactive accounting and tax solutions that will minimize taxes and get them the royalties they deserve. Contact us at Delerme CPA to learn more or reach out to us through our website by requesting a free consultation. Our Atlanta, GA CPA firm specializes in entertainment accounting services for both solo musicians and bands.

Accounting and tax services for musicians:

  • Tour accounting for solo musicians and bands
  • Royalty audits
  • Cash flow reporting and analysis
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Tax planning and preparation for musicians
  • Federal and State tax compliance
  • International tax consulting and advisory